See, Know, & Control More

Knowing Which Tool to Use…

- Basic documentation for Spec Requirements
- Daily Reports & Submittals
- Easiest media to share amongst stakeholders
- Simplest method of capturing an area
- Ideal for long stretches of work area and interiors
(Sidewalk, Roads, Curbs, Close Interiors)
- More immersive experience of visiting site
- Shows relation of subjects within a space
- Owner/Training Videos
- Best vantage point of entire site
- Can be Photo or Video
- Ideal for large scopes of work and outdoor projects
- Access view of roof conditions
- Capture time-lapse video of progression
- Always have “eyes” on construction site
- Provide 24/7 security monitoring of site

A New Method of Capture

This new method of capturing allows for anyone to visit the construction site without needing to be there. Experience a complete 360 degree view of an area through individual marked points. Know exactly where pictures are located in relation to the site map.

The Point-of-View Method captures a greater area of view in one image compared to traditional photography.

A New Delivery

Meeting traditional Photographic Documentation Specifications while keeping current with today’s needs. All pictures, videos, and other media files are pre-organized and delivered online/USB for easy submittals, sharing, and archiving.


Start utilizing BuildingFacts on your next project and see how you can know your building better…